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The Proposal (pre-order)

The Proposal (pre-order)

Bae Myung-hoon (translated by Stella Kim)

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  • Designed by Jisu Choi
  • 144 pages
  • Published
  • 9781915829122 (pb) / 9781915829061 (e)

Author | Translator

BAE MYUNG-HOON is one of the most popular science fiction writers in South Korea. Much of his work can be seen as political satire, and he has received both science fiction and traditional literary awards. His novels,Tower and Launch Something!, were published by Honford Star.

STELLA KIM is a Korean-American translator, currently based in Korea. Her translations have appeared in ASIA, Asia Literary Review, Asymptote Journal, Korean Literature Now, and others. She translated Bae Myung-hoon's Launch Something!

In The Proposal, a space opera romance set against the backdrop of a looming colossal war between Earth and a mysterious adversary, a story of love unfolds through a series of intimate letters. This poignant novella explores how a space-born soldier’s gradual involvement with an escalating conflict intertwines with a heartfelt proposal to his Earth-born partner, revealing the intricate dance of love and duty at the edge of an interstellar conflict.

Translated by Stella Kim, The Proposal reflects on the distances that separate us—both physically and emotionally—and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, ever striving to overcome these divides.

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