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Hunter School

Hunter School

Sakinu Ahronglong (translated by Darryl Sterk)

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  • Designed by Chiachi Yu
  • 184 pages
  • Published
  • 9781999791285 (pb) / 9781999791292 (e)

Author | Translator

SAKINU AHRONGLONG is an aboriginal Taiwanese author, who became instantly famous for his debut book, Hunter School, and the subsequent film adaptation. Winner of numerous literary prizes, Sakinu is also a forest ranger and runs an educational programme for other aboriginal Taiwanese who want to connect with their tribal culture.

DARRYL STERK is a Canadian translator based in both Hong Kong, where he teaches translation at Lingnan University, and Taiwan. His translation of The Stolen Bicycle by Wu Ming-Yi was long-listed for the 2018 Man Booker International Prize. As a scholar, he researches translation to and from the Taiwanese indigenous language Seediq.

Hunter School is a work of fiction consisting of recollections, folklore, and autobiographical stories from the perspective of an aboriginal Taiwanese man aiming to reconnect with his lost tribal identity. A common theme running throughout this charming but important book is that of a young man learning about himself and his heritage – from the past, elders, ancestors, and nature itself. This award-winning book is a highly readable and touching work with great insight into the unique aboriginal Taiwanese societies.
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